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  • 2023-09-18
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收藏 纠错 题号:12032220 题型:阅读理解 日期:2023-09-18 试题难度:中等

    Antony Aumann, a religious studies and philosophy professor at Northern Michigan University told Insider he had caught his student submitting essays written by the AI chatbot, and Aumann had his student rewrite the essay.
    It’s not just his struggling with the rise of AI chatbots like ChatGPT. As a result of these tools becoming accessible to anybody with an Internet connection, education departments across the entire country are adjusting work process and redesigning entire courses, according to the NYT, forcing students to submit handwritten essays or introducing oral exams. The New York City and Seattle public school systems have already banned ChatGPT on their own networks and devices. “I think the consideration behind the ban is reasonable,” Aumann said. “They want to make sure that their students are learning the critical thinking skills that are part of learning how to write.”
    But universities aren’t likely to follow the ban. After all, going around these restrictions is quite easy. Even tools designed to assist teachers in catching students secretly making use of AI tools like ChatGPT will probably be of little use, because students can change a few words from what ChatGPT produced, add some grammatical mistakes on purpose, and the detectors no longer think it’s written by a chatbot.
    Besides, some professors including Aumann argued that the cat is already out of the bag. Once students are captured by ChatGPT’s convenience and efficiency, it’d be pointless to fight ChatGPT in the classroom.
    Instead of absolute prohibition, Aumann suggested encouraging their students to react to ChatGPT in the same way they react to learning source—they will be asked to evaluate its reasons and arguments.
【小题1】Why did the author mention Aumann’s case in paragraph 1?
A.To spread a tool of AI chatbots.
B.To start a discussion on ChatGPT.
C.To introduce ChatGPT technology.
D.To share a public concern on college education.
【小题2】Why is ChatGPT banned by some school systems?
A.Teachers can have easy access to ChatGPT.
B.Teachers can catch students cheating easily.
C.ChatGPT fails to develop learners’ competence.
D.ChatGPT blocks the improvement of education systems.
【小题3】What does “the cat is already out of the bag” really mean in paragraph 4?
A.Students will be caught cheating through ChatGPT.
B.It cannot be avoided that ChatGPT attracts students.
C.Teachers decide to lake action to address the problem.
D.The cat manages to escape from being caught eventually.
【小题4】What’s Aumann’s attitude to ChatGPT?
A.Worried.              B.Subjective.
C.Objective.             D.Indifferent.

收藏 纠错 题号:10958581 题型:七选五 日期:2023-09-18 试题难度:中等

    People say water can improve health and memory. But now some experts say that to think drinking water equals health is taking things too far and that hvdration ( 水合作用) is about the balance between electrolytes( 电解质 )like sodium and the water in your body.
    Then. how much water do you need to drink? Many say you should drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. Not so, some experts say. A 200-pound person who hikes 10 miles in the heat needs more water than a 120-pound office manager in a temperature-controlled building.
    ② Someone with a heart condition or kidney stones has one level of need. A person taking diurelie drugs( 利尿药) may need a different amount of water. You may need to change the amount you are drinking if you h ave been ill with vomiting or diarrhea.
    Water is a better choice than sugary sodas or fruit juices. One popular idea is that caffeine or alcohol will make your body lose much water. But one study showed the effect is not significant. You also get water from what you eat. Fruits, vegetables, and soups all add to the intake of water. Your body will tell you if you are hydrated enough. You don't have to think about it or add up the ounces you drink.
    Electrolytes are essential minerals. Some sports drinks ads say you need to add electrolytes to stay healthy. But some experts say that your body produces electrolytes. You may need more water if you exercise a lot during the heat of the day. Otherwise, most people get enough electrolytes from food.
A. Just drink then you are thirsty.
B. They are vital to many functions in the body
C. It gives you more energy and makes you look good.
D. Instead, your body and the activities you attend matter.
E. It is also necessary to set a timetable about when to drink water.
F. The amount of water you need in a day also depends on your health.
C. But when it comes to hydration, any drink can add water to your system.

收藏 纠错 题号:11677166 题型:完形填空(15空) 日期:2023-09-18 试题难度:中等

    From the age of eight, I had to contribute my share of labor along with my father. Our family was too     1    to afford paid laborers. Working in the rice fields was no easy job, especially in summer. The     2    sun would beat down on my arched back. With only a hat, a shirt and a pair of shorts as my     3    , I would be sweating like a pig within seconds.
    One day, while resting beside the field, I     4    my present life: My family was tied to land, doing     5    jobs every day. How could we and farmers like us have
         6    to a better life? Thinking of this, I was suddenly     7    with great pity and great respect for them, and the focus of my     8    began to extend beyond myself and my family. A voice inside me     9    that I should do something to help that. It was right then that I     10    to pursue useful knowledge and technology to     11    their burden of labour. This strong     12    pushed me hard to go to a university on a scholarship and     13    earn a degree on agriculture.
    Although now I went into academic research, I would always     14    what working in the rice fields had taught me: Your hard work will be     15    if you plant your feet firmly on the ground, for being down-to-earth is an unbroken truth.
A.desperate     B.wise       C.poor       D.proud
A.blinding     B.amazing     C.rising     D.burning
A.preference     B.protection     C.purchase     D.priority
A.reflected on       B.worried about
C.believed in       D.complained about
A.high-paying         B.heart-breaking
C.back-breaking        D.risk-taking
A.reactions             B.contributions
C.access              D.addiction
A.consumed     B.provided     C.confused     D.troubled
A.career     B.schedule     C.interest     D.concern
A.protested     B.insisted     C.warned     D.predicted
A.attempted     B.promised     C.determined     D.agreed
A.lighten     B.quicken     C.distribute     D.shoulder
A.curiosity     B.outcome     C.fact       D.desire
A.immediately     B.ultimately     C.definitely     D.rarely
A.treasure     B.doubt      C.adopt      D.acquire
A.facilitated     B.relieved     C.challenged     D.rewarded

收藏 纠错 题号:12032226 题型:短文填空 日期:2023-09-18 试题难度:中等

    Last week, our school ① (hold) a basketball match against another school. Near the end of the match, they only had an advantage over us. When our captain got the ball, one of them pretended ② (knock) into by him. Upon seeing that, our captain tried to help him up, but the match was over and they won. We lost the game. ③ , we were all satisfied with the result because we went all out.
    From this match, I learn that being ④  winner doesn’t mean gaining while a loser doesn’t mean ⑤ (lose) everything. What really counts ⑥  (be) the spirit, not the result. As long as we try ⑦ (we) best, there is no need in regretting. In reality, a true loser is even more precious than a false winner. Without that match, I ⑧ have learned the importance of spirit.
    To sum up, a true winner is to a match what water is to a fish. It is not the result but the process ⑨ matters. Life without spirit Is like sailing without a compass, so be a true winner and you will find its ⑩ (important).

收藏 纠错 题号:12032228 题型:完成句子 日期:2023-09-18 试题难度:较易

offer us sufficient foot, but also it maintains the balance of nature.

收藏 纠错 题号:12032230 题型:完成句子 日期:2023-09-18 试题难度:较易

study English well.

收藏 纠错 题号:12032231 题型:完成句子 日期:2023-09-18 试题难度:较易

wildlife protection, all species should be treated equally.

收藏 纠错 题号:12032233 题型:完成句子 日期:2023-09-18 试题难度:较易

, it is necessary for you to have a good rest.

收藏 纠错 题号:12032235 题型:完成句子 日期:2023-09-18 试题难度:较易

On the top of the mountain, people from the sea.


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