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收藏 纠错 题号:8681441 题型:阅读理解 日期:2018-09-11 试题难度:较易 组卷:2次


    Do you know how children in other countries spend their schooldays and what kind of games they always play?
Children in Brazil    
School The school year runs from February to December. Children attend (上学) school for about four hours in the morning or the afternoon. About a quarter of children inBrazildo not attend school at all.
Play Football is the most popular sport.Brazil’s beautiful beaches also make swimming and volleyball popular.
Family Brazilian families are often large. Nearly a third of the population is under eighteen!
Children in France      
School The schoolday begins from 8∶00 am to 4∶00 pm, with a two­hour lunch break. Schools close on Wednesday and Sunday, and are closed for a half day on Saturday.
Play Football, bicycling and tennis are favorite sports in France. In some areas, pelote, a traditional ball game, is also very popular.
Family Most French mothers work; the majority of preschool (幼儿园) children attend day care centres known as crèches.France has laws about naming children and all names have to be chosen from an official list.
Children in Japan        
School Schools in Japan are very competitive (竞争的). Even preschoolers may attend “cramming (填鸭式教学的) schools” to prepare for exams. There is a summer break about six weeks, but the children have homework during this time.
Play Comic books have been popular inJapansince the 1700s. Comics now account for about 40% of all published material inJapan. Kite flying is enjoyed by people of every age.
Family Homes in Japan are small, on average. The typical family of four lives in five small rooms. Most fathers in Japan work long hours. As a result, some children only see their fathers on weekends or holidays.
1.Children from Brazil attend school for ________ hours a day.
2.What kind of sport is very popular inFrance?
①Kite flying.
3.What is a crèche in France?
A.Places with beautiful beaches.
B.The name of the place where French mothers work.
C.A day care centre for preschool children.
D.Cramming schools to improve children’s exam results.
4.In Japan, many children ________.
A.write their names on an official list
B.like to read comic books
C.only see their fathers on weekdays
D.do not attend school

收藏 纠错 题号:8681445 题型:阅读理解 日期:2018-07-10 试题难度:较易


   Like many lovers of books, Mary and her husband, Richard Goldman,seldom walked past a bookstore without stopping to look inside. They often talked of opening their own store one day
    When Mary was hospitalized with heart trouble in 1989,they decided it was time to get serious. Richard,who worked for a business company,was eager to work for himself. And Mary needed to slow down from her demanding job.
    They started by talking to bookstore owners and researching the industry. “We knew it had to be a specialty store because we couldn’t match the big stores dollar for dollar.” says Mary. One figure caught her attention:She’d read somewhere that roughly 20 percent of books sold were mysteries(推理小说), and many buyers spent more than $300 a year on books. She and Richard were themselves mystery readers.
    On Halloween 1992,they opened the Mystery Lovers Bookshop and Cafe near their home. With three children in college, the couple could not spend all the family’s money to start a shop. To cover the $100,000 cost,they drew some of their savings,and borrowed from relatives and from a bank.
    The store merely broke even in its first year,with only $120,000 in sales. But Mary was always coming up with new ways to attract customers. The shop had a coffee bar and it offered gifts to mystery lovers and served dinners for book clubs that met in the store. She also invited dozens of writers to discuss their stories.
    Today Mystery Lovers makes sales of about$420,000 a year. After paying taxes, business costs and the six part-time sales clerks,Richard and Mary together earn about$34, 000.
     “The job you love may not go hand in hand with a million-dollar income.”says Richard.
     “This has always been about an enjoyable life for ourselves,not about making a lot of money”.
1.When Mary was in hospital,the couple realized that____________.
A.they had to put their plan into practice
B.health was more important than wealth
C.heart trouble was a serious illness
D.they both needed to stop working
2.After Mary got well from her illness they began____________
A.to study industrial management
B.to buy and read more mystery books
C.to do market research on book business
D.to work harder to save money for the bookstore
3.According to Richard,the main purpose of running the bookstore is_________.
A.to pay for their children’s education
B.to get to know more writers
C.to set up more bookstores
D.to do what they like to do

收藏 纠错 题号:8681449 题型:阅读理解 日期:2018-07-10 试题难度:中等 组卷:2次


    December 6-Canada: For those of you who have been following this story, the third suspect(嫌疑犯)in the Canadian Cat Mutilation(残害)case has been caught. On March 8, after just under a year of searching, the “Find Matt Campaign” received information that would comfort many. Now known as Mattew Kaczorowski, 21 years old, this cat mutilator was picked up by the police from the streets of Vancouver.
    In May 2001, three young men took a young cat, named “Kensington” after the area of town from where she was taken, from the street to a house. They began to cruelly treat and mutilate her to death, videotaping the attack. Two of the suspects, recognized as 21-year-old Jesse  Champlain Power and 24-year-old Anthony Ryan Wennekers, were arrested shortly after the incident. Neither helped the police in an effort to find the third suspect, at the time known only as “Matt. ”
    In May 2002, Katie set up the “Find Matt Campaign”, with the goals of raising public awareness about animal cruelty and having as many eyes as possible look for Matt.
     “I don’t think Matt would have been caught had it not been for Katie Woodward’s information,” said Detective Gordon Scott, one of the arresting officers.
    Kaczorowski faces the charges of animal cruelty, theft under $ 5,000 and possession of property taken by crime, but one charge remains absent: that of animal cruelty. According to Canadian law, this kind of crime must be charged within six months.
    The case is now before the Courts.
    While finding Matt is a big step in the right direction of this case, it is not over. It remains that Kensington’s guardian(监护人)has not yet come forward. It is important that her guardian speak out to lessen the possibility of the charges being dropped.
1.What does the passage mainly talk about?
A.A cat was killed cruelly in Canada.
B.A Canadian cat mutilator was caught.
C.People pay attention to animal protection.
D.No crimes can escape being charged.
2.Which of the following is in correct order according to the time when the events happened?
a. Matt was caught by the police.
b. Find Matt Campaign was set up
c. Jesse and Anthony were soon arrested.
d. Three young men mutilated a cat to death.
e. Katie got the information about the third suspect.
A.b,e,a. d,c
B.e. a. d,c,b
C.d,c. b,e,a
D.d,a. b,e,c
3.Which one of the charges does Mart certainly have to face?
A.Stealing less than $5,000
B.His possession of property.
C.The crime of animal cruelty.
D.Six months of being in prison.
4.What can we infer from the passage?
A.Catching Matt was easy for the police.
B.Very few people care about Matt’s case.
C.Katie started the Find Matt Campaign to find Kensington
D.The final result of the case depends on the cat's guardian.

收藏 纠错 题号:8681455 题型:阅读理解 日期:2018-07-10 试题难度:中等


    Happy April Fool’s Day! In celebration of the day, we have put together a list of some of the greatest hoaxes in history. They are the lies that have been designed for innocent people who are ready to believe them.
    In 1962 there was only one TV channel in Sweden,and it broadcast in black and white. The station’s technical expert, Kjell Stensson. appeared on the news to announce that thanks to a newly developed technology. All viewers could now quickly and easily transform(使转化) their existing sets to display(显示)color reception. All they had to do was pull a nylon stocking over their TV screen,and they would begin to see their favorite shows in color. Reportedly, hundreds of thousands of people were taken in. Actual Color TV transmission only started to appear inSwedenon April 1 1970.
    In 1977 the British newspaper The Guardian published a special seven-page supplement (增刊)in honor of the tenth anniversary of San Serriffe,a small republic located in the Indian Ocean. A series of articles affectionately described the geography and culture of this unknown nation. The Guardian’s phones rang all day as readers asked for more information about the beautiful holiday spot. Few noticed that everything about the island was made up.
    In 1992 American National Public Radio’s Talk of the Nation program announced that Richard Nixon,in a surprise move,was running for President again. His new campaign slogan was. “I didn’t do anything wrong,and l won’t do it again” Accompanying this announcement were audio clips(片段)of Nixon giving his election speech. Listeners responded immediately to the announcement,flooding the show with calls expressing shock and anger. Only during the second half of the show did the host John Hockenberry reveal that the announcement was a practical joke. Nixon’s voice was copied by comedian Rich Little.
1.What does the underlined word “hoaxes” mean in the first paragraph?
D.broadcast programmes
2.What can we infer from the part about Instant Color TV?
A.The Swedish People didn’t watch color TVs until 1970.
B.The Swedish People began to watch color TVs in 1962.
C.Kjell Stensson was a TV host.
D.Not many people believed Kjell Stensson.
3.Which of the following statements about San Serriffe is True?
A.San Seffiffe is located in the Indian Ocean.
B.San Seffiffe became a republic in 1967.
C.San Seffifie is a beautiful place.
D.San Seffiffe doesn’t exist.
4.From the last paragraph we can see that____________.
A.Richard Nixon didn’t win the election in 1992.
B.Richard Nixon didn’t do anything wrong
C.Richard Nixon was not liked by the American people
D.Richard Nixon asked Rich Little to speak for him

收藏 纠错 题号:705892 题型:七选五 日期:2018-07-25 试题难度:中等 组卷:18次 引用:4次


    There is an English saying:“①.” Until recently, few people took the saying seriously. Now, however, doctors have begun to look into laughter and the effects it has on the human body.②.
    Tests were carried out to study the effects of laughter on the body. People watched funny films while doctors checked their hearts, blood pressure, breathing and muscles. It was found that laughter has similar effects to physical exercise.③. If laughter exercises the body, it must be beneficial.
    Other tests have shown that laughter appears to be able to reduce the effect of pain on the body. In one experiment doctors produced pain in groups of students who listened to different radio programs. The group that tolerated(忍耐) the pain for the longest time was the group which listened to a funny program.④.
   ⑤. They have found that even if their patients do not really feel like laughing, making them smile is enough to produce beneficial effects similar to those caused by laughter.
A.Laughter can prolong one’s life.
B.As a result of these discoveries, some doctors in the United States now hold laughter clinics in which they help to improve their patients’ condition by encouraging them to laugh.
C.The reason why laughter can reduce pain seems to be that it helps to produce a kind of chemicals in the brain which diminish both stress and pain.
D.It increases blood pressure, the heart beating and breathing; it also works several groups of muscles in the face, the stomach and even the feet.
E. Although laughter helps cure the disease, doctors still can not put this theory into clinic practice.
F. Laughter is the best medicine.
G. They have found that laughter really can improve people’s health.

收藏 纠错 题号:8681486 题型:完形填空 日期:2018-07-10 试题难度:中等


    “We’re going to lose her!” “Hurry up!” “Not that tool!” These were the phrases that came to mind when I thought of the    1    room , and I never    2    patients complaining to their nurses or doctors.
    “Daddy, may I give you a check-up?” I distinctly remember carrying my toy doctor’s    3    around with me everywhere when I was a kid.
    When I decided to    4   an internship (实习) program on medicine last summer, I figured I would see doctors helping their patients and, just like on television, no one would     5    . I imagined doctors comfortable enough only to fill pages of a daily record, but in that week I learned how    6    my understandings were.
    Spending a day in the hospital room, I    7   events I never thought I would see. I was on the platform when the helicopter Life Star flew in with a girl. I watched the girl as she was    8    to a private room. But I did not see the hurried    9    and screaming of the doctors I’d always imagined. There were no cold orders from each other, only calm   10   for instruments.
    As they began    11    , I was moved away to another section of the room where I saw a late cancer patient struggling    12    , expecting to end her own life. But her family, who did not want to   13    her will, wished to keep her    14    life support. I realized that as a doctor I would have to deal with these    15    matters.
    However, as the week progressed, I realized that my dream of being a doctor, without the   16    I’d imagined, was even growing   17    . I left blessed to have had the   18    to learn. Now I realize that my days carrying around my doctor’s bag were just the    19    of the type of training to realize my dream which not only needs my passion but also involves the acceptance of    20    .
1.A.rest    B.emergency    C.reception    D.examination
2.A.pictured    B.recognized    C.observed    D.caught
3.A.sign    B.dream    C.letter    D.bag
4.A.attend    B.promote    C.develop    D.lead
5.A.die    B.hurt    C.survive    D.cry
6.A.perfect    B.deep    C.wrong    D.strange
7.A.discussed    B.reported    C.described    D.witnessed
8.A.turned    B.rushed    C.devoted    D.charged
9.A.running    B.playing    C.eating    D.jumping
10.A.decisions    B.accounts    C.requests    D.measurements
11.A.leaving    B.shouting    C.laughing    D.operating
12.A.surprisingly    B.desperately    C.roughly    D.positively
13.A.respect    B.share    C.appoint    D.write
14.A.for    B.on    C.in    D.of
15.A.theoretical    B.moral    C.technical    D.legal
16.A.success    B.effort    C.appeal    D.pain
17.A.lighter    B.heavier    C.wilder    D.stronger
18.A.right    B.reason    C.opportunity    D.time
19.A.beginning    B.ambition    C.game    D.result
20.A.imagination    B.reality    C.hope    D.plan

收藏 纠错 题号:8681503 题型:语法填空 日期:2018-07-10 试题难度:中等 组卷:1次


    In the toys section, I noticed a small boy of about five years old①(press) a doll against his chest. He kept on touching ②hair of the doll and looked very sad. I wondered who he wanted to give the doll③ . So I walked towards him and asked him all about it.
    “This is the doll ④my sister loved most and wanted so much for this Christmas. She was so sure that Santa Claus would bring it to her.”
    I told him not to worry. However, he⑤( reply ) sadly, “No, Santa Claus cannot bring it to where she is now. I'll have to give the doll to my mother so that she can give it to her when she goes there.”
    His eyes were filled with⑥( sad ) while saying this.
    “My sister ⑦( go ) to be with God. Daddy said that Mommy will also join God very soon, so I think that she can bring the doll with ⑧(she) to give it to my sister.”
My heart almost stopped beating⑨ (whole). The little boy looked up at me and said, “I told Daddy to tell Mommy not to go yet. I asked him to wait ⑩I come back from the store.”

收藏 纠错 题号:8681521 题型:短文改错 日期:2018-07-10 试题难度:中等 组卷:8次 引用:4次


    Good morning, everyone. It’s great honor for me to speak here. My name’s Li Xiaojun, born in a harmonious family. My father and mother are all high school teachers. Influenced by them, I read widely during my early age, but I’ve developed a great interest in arts and sports. I’m easy-going, get along well with my classmates.
    It is this personality which helps me win over all my classmates’ friendships, and also help me overcome many difficulties both in academic and personal life. Being admitted in your university has always been a beautiful dream for me. I dream constantly that I, along with mine classmates, will study happy with the help of the respectable professors. I dream that I will swim freely in the sea, enjoying the waves of knowledge.
    I hope all my dream will come true in the near future. Thank you.

收藏 纠错 题号:8681528 题型:首字母填空 日期:2018-07-10 试题难度:中等


Unfortunately, the doctors don't know how to make me better, but I am very outgoing and have learned to a(适应) to my disability. My motto is: live One day at a time.

收藏 纠错 题号:8681530 题型:首字母填空 日期:2018-07-10 试题难度:中等 练习:1次


Every time I returned after an a(缺席), I felt stupid because I was behind the others.

收藏 纠错 题号:8681534 题型:首字母填空 日期:2018-07-10 试题难度:中等


Disabled people should have the same opportunities as able-bodied people to enjoy the cinema and to do so with d(自尊).

收藏 纠错 题号:8681539 题型:首字母填空 日期:2018-07-10 试题难度:中等


 Claire thought it was ridiculous to be offered s(同情)by a robot.

收藏 纠错 题号:8681541 题型:首字母填空 日期:2018-07-10 试题难度:中等


As he was not allowed to a(陪伴) her to the shops, he wrote out a list of items for her.

收藏 纠错 题号:8681548 题型:首字母填空 日期:2018-07-10 试题难度:中等


What a sweet victory to be e(嫉妒) by those women! She might not be as beautiful as them, but none of them had such a handsome lover.

收藏 纠错 题号:8681552 题型:首字母填空 日期:2018-07-10 试题难度:较易


It was when Asimov was eleven years old that his t(天赋) for writing became obvious.

收藏 纠错 题号:8681559 题型:首字母填空 日期:2018-07-10 试题难度:中等


Without p(中止,暂停) we jumped into the boat with the other whalers and headed out into the bay.

收藏 纠错 题号:8681565 题型:首字母填空 日期:2018-07-10 试题难度:中等


The waves were carrying James further and further away from us. From James's face, I could see he was terrified of being a(抛弃)by us.

收藏 纠错 题号:8681569 题型:首字母填空 日期:2018-07-10 试题难度:中等


I'm sitting in the warm night air with a cold drink in my hand and r(思考) on the day – a day of pure magic!

收藏 纠错 题号:8681573 题型:首字母填空 日期:2018-07-10 试题难度:较易


The first thing I became a(意识到的) of was all the vivid colours surrounding me - purples, reds, oranges, yellows, blues and greens.

收藏 纠错 题号:8681581 题型:首字母填空 日期:2018-07-10 试题难度:中等


There were no windows and the doorway was just big enough to get through. The hut was dark inside so it took time for our eyes to a(调整,适应)

收藏 纠错 题号:8681588 题型:首字母填空 日期:2018-07-10 试题难度:中等


I loved listening to the family softly talking to each other in their language, even though I could not p(参加) the conversation. Luckily, Tombe could be our interpreter.

收藏 纠错 题号:8681595 题型:首字母填空 日期:2018-07-10 试题难度:中等


They believe that any leftovers attract evil spirits in the night, so the food is dried up in the can and the can is then thrown out of the hut. O(否则)they don't waste anything.

收藏 纠错 题号:8681599 题型:首字母填空 日期:2018-07-10 试题难度:中等


When you p(购买) an item, we will send you an attractive card for you to send to your special person.

收藏 纠错 题号:8681617 题型:书面表达 日期:2018-07-10 试题难度:中等


1.  校园内学生间的冲突时有发生. 多数学生来自独生子女家庭,他们以自我为中心,很少考虑他人。
2.  冲突发生时首先要保持冷静,必要时还要做出让步;也可以跟老师谈谈遇到的麻烦,向老师求助;和同学相处时,要学会尊重他人,有礼貌和对人友好是最重要的。
参考词汇:conflict冲突 only-child 独生子女 self-centered自我为中心
Dear Lucy,
    I’m so sorry to hear the bad news that_____________________________________________________________________________
    I’m looking forward to your reply.



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    • 题型: 首字母填空
    • 难度: 较易
    • 来源: 广东省中山一中2017-2018学年高二下学期第一次段考英语试卷
  • 20
    • 题型: 首字母填空
    • 难度: 中等
    • 来源: 广东省中山一中2017-2018学年高二下学期第一次段考英语试卷
  • 21
    • 题型: 首字母填空
    • 难度: 中等
    • 来源: 广东省中山一中2017-2018学年高二下学期第一次段考英语试卷
  • 22
    • 题型: 首字母填空
    • 难度: 中等
    • 来源: 广东省中山一中2017-2018学年高二下学期第一次段考英语试卷
  • 23
    • 题型: 首字母填空
    • 难度: 中等
    • 来源: 广东省中山一中2017-2018学年高二下学期第一次段考英语试卷

书面表达 数量:1 占比:4.17%

  • 24
    • 题型: 书面表达
    • 难度: 中等
    • 来源: 广东省中山一中2017-2018学年高二下学期第一次段考英语试卷