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Professional development courses in London
    ●Business writing
    Delivery method: Online, Video
    Price: £49
    About the course: Many people get blocked when forced to put their thoughts into words at work. This course gives you the tools and techniques to improve your writing, whether it’s a two-line email or a two-hundred-page report.
    ●Travel writing courses
    Delivery method: Classroom, Seminar
    Price: £115 (full day); £125 (evening classes)
    About the course: Do you want to be a travel writer? Then come along to a one-day travel writing workshop or a four-week travel writing evening class. The courses help participants to write travel features and publish them in newspapers, magazines or on websites.
    ●Pre-sessional programmes in CAP
    Delivery method: Classroom, Seminar
    Price: Starting from £1,250
    About the course: Our five pre-sessional programmes in English for academic purposes are intended for international students who plan to study at Aston University. These programmes aim to equip you with the language and academic skills necessary for success in your future chosen subject area.
    Delivery method: Classroom, Seminar
    Price: Starting from £335
    About the course: Whether you write fundraising letters, or for your website(s), this course will help you gain the ideas, knowledge and skills you need to write fundraising copy that produces more impressive and profitable results.
1.How is the business writing course different from the others?
A.It is delivered online.
B.It offers evening classes.
C.It focuses on report writing.
D.It is hosted by Aston University.
2.What can pre-sessional programmes in CAP help students do?
A.Choose a suitable college subject.
B.Prepare themselves for university.
C.Go to world-class universities.
D.Only improve their academic skills.
3.Which course fits John if he hopes to write inspiring words for fundraising activities?
A.Pre-sessional programmes in EAP.
B.Travel writing courses.
C.Business writing.

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    The Arctic is not a safe place to be by any stretch of the imagination. Essentially a vast, floating block of ice, with only a small area of land, the landscape can be almost totally different from year to year. Even the most experienced explorers are lucky to return with all their fingers and toes, not to mention their lives.
    Into this extreme environment stepped Nabil Al Busaidi. In fact, he didn’t just step—he stepped and skied his way across 650km, pulling 50kg of equipment. He also carried the flag of the Sultanate of Oman, which he held in the air at the North Pole, becoming the first Arab to achieve this impressive feat (壮举).
    On the way to the North Pole, Nabil was driven by the reward of success and the pain at the thought of failure. “Through the 20-whatever days , every minute there was a different thing that kept me going, either the fear of failure, the fear of dying or the reward of finishing and getting somewhere warm. ”
    The ever-present cold, averaging around -40℃ but dropping as low as a recorded -81℃, is his overriding (首要的) memory of the experience. As an Omani, Nabil had an additional 20℃ drop in temperature to get used to, compared to his British teammates. Apart from the extreme cold, polar bears were a common feature of the journey, and Nabil and the team had their fair share of bear encounters. “Polar bears are dangerous, but they are not that threatening because they don’t intend to harm humans. They’re usually either curious or just don’t care. We saw five bears, and none were aggressive,” said Nabil.
    One final problem Nabil faced was the stress put on team relations by the severity of the conditions, especially during the first three stages of the journey. However, during the fourth and final leg, the team worked so well together that they travelled 130km in only two and a half days.
1.What does Paragraph 1 show?
A.Nabil’s hard-won success.
B.The value of Arctic exploration.
C.Nabil’s good luck.
D.The change of the Arctic.
2.Which is the problem Nabil faced on his journey?
A.Gradually rising sea level.
B.Frequent polar bear attacks.
C.Constantly changing climate.
D.The heavy psychological burden.
3.What can we know about Nabil?
A.He had gone on an Arctic journey before.
B.He explored the Arctic with pretty light packs.
C.He finished the exploration of the Arctic all alone.
D.He suffered more from extreme cold than his teammates.
4.What is the passage mainly about?
A.Life in the Arctic.
B.Climate of the Arctic.
C.The first Arab to step into the Arctic.
D.Achievements scientists made in the Arctic.

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    Three years ago Jenny Salgado, a Dominican shop assistant, moved to Highlandtown, a neighborhood of Baltimore. When she arrived the shop she works in was one of only a few Spanish businesses. Now there are many more. “It’s good now if you speak Spanish,” she smiles.
    Baltimore has been losing people for 60 years. To address this, its former mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, wanted to make it the most immigrant-friendly city in the world. Its libraries provide Spanish-language exercise classes. To help those with no papers, the city is introducing micro-loans (小额贷款)which require no credit checks. City police would no longer routinely check the immigration status of citizens or enforce any federal immigration law unless required to. The then governor, Martin O'Malley made it possible for illegal immigrants to get driving licenses. Such welcoming policies are spreading. Such cities as Cleveland, Dayton and Philadelphia all eagerly try to please immigrants. Rick Snyder, Governor of Michigan, has asked the federal government to offer 50,000 visas to people who agree to live in Detroit. His administration has made it easier for skilled migrants to get professional licenses.
    When a city’s population falls, both tax receipts and services fall. Half-deserted neighborhoods breed (滋生)crime, driving yet more people to leave.
    No city has escaped this without attracting new residents, says Steve Tobocman of Global Detroit. Several studies suggest that when immigrants arrive, crime goes down, schools improve and shops open up. In Detroit, immigrants living near the tiny separate city of Hamtramck have formed local watches to guard against thieves. Their neighborhoods are not just safer; they are also among the only places where it is as easy to buy fresh vegetables as drugs and alcohol.
    But attracting new immigrants to the cities which most need them is hard, argues Audrey Singer of the Brookings Institution. They care about the same things as everyone else: safe streets, good schools and jobs. Cities which have lost population for decades struggle with all of these.
1.What does the underlined word “address” mean?
A.Account for.
B.Deal with.
C.Get through to.
D.Take away from.
2.Which can best describe the situation mentioned in Paragraph 3?
A.A constant matter.
B.A dilemma.
C.A classic case.
D.A death circle.
3.What is the topic of the last but one paragraph?
A.The positive role immigrants play.
B.Problems caused by immigrants.
C.The living conditions of immigrants.
D.Difficulties immigrants face in Detroit.
4.Which statement may Audrey Singer agree with?
A.Attracting immigrants to cities losing people is demanding.
B.Immigrants have higher expectations of a city than its locals.
C.There is no need to encourage such immigrant-friendly policies.
D.Attracting immigrants helps prevent a city from losing population.

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    The “swim-with-dolphins” tourist industry is becoming more popular every year. After all, it can cost a large amount of money to have this kind of holiday experience. So tour operators try to place eager swimmers as near as possible to the dolphins.
    Research has shown that dolphins do not like it at all if the swimmers slip into the water directly on top of them or if humans are in their path of travel. However, if swimmers enter the water to one side of them, the dolphins do not avoid the swimmers to the same extent.
    In all cases, the dolphins seem to have become more sensitive to the presence of the swimmers. For dolphins, swimming amongst or with humans is not necessarily a high priority. This study has shown that only 19% of any group of dolphins will participate in interaction. Young dolphins are the most likely to interact. It is believed that they see humans as “entertainment” and that the interaction is a new and unusual experience for them.
    It is frequently asked whether “swim-with-dolphins” tourism should be discontinued. The advice is that dolphins should be given enough periods of time throughout the day when they are not exposed to tourism. Permitted interactions should not be too disturbing to the dolphins since there could be mothers and calves (幼崽) present in dolphin groups. There should also be educational campaigns about the creatures and what is likely to cause danger to them.
    It is not easy to explain to someone that they cannot fulfill their lifelong dreams because the dolphins are resting, or that a mother dolphin and calf are in the area. But if we are to enjoy these remarkable animals and not just use them for our entertainment, then we must carefully monitor the “swim-with-dolphins” industry worldwide.
1.What makes “swim-with-dolphins” tourism popular?
A.The local government’s encouragement.
B.The improvement of people’s living standard.
C.The increasing number of tourists.
D.The high profits of the industry.
2.Why are young dolphins more likely to swim with humans?
A.They do this out of curiosity.
B.They like humans better.
C.They are less sensitive.
D.They are fearless.
3.What should the “swim-with-dolphins” industry do according to Paragraph 4?
A.Avoid interaction with young dolphins.
B.Make people know the hidden threat to dolphins.
C.Strictly limit the expansion of the industry.
D.Expose dolphins to tourists only in the daytime.
4.What can be inferred from the last sentence of the passage?
A.The industry has been a hot topic worldwide.
B.The industry aims to bring happiness to humans.
C.The industry enables humans to swim with dolphins.
D.The industry will harm dolphins without proper control.

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    Being successful in an exam is not just about studying hard and knowing the subject inside out. ①
    Research has shown that the calmer the mind, the better its ability to register and remember information. ② When the mind is relaxed, it is in the “state of alpha”, where your brain waves are at about seven to fourteen cycles per second, the most helpful state for studying.
    Choose a quiet place for studying and have everything handy that you need: books, pens, something to drink. ③ In this case, you can see yourself being congratulated by your family, friends and teachers. Enjoy the experience. And now you should be completely charged up and ready to absorb and keep important information.
    ④ It is a good idea to make a list of all the important things you have to learn, in order of importance, and estimate how much time you need for each one. Add it all up and compare this with how much time you have available. This will tell you if you have time to read slowly and carefully, or if you can only skim; also it will show you many times you can afford to look over the same information.
    Because stress can have a negative effect on your memory, it’s important to stay calm during tests. ⑤ Breathing exercises during the examination, for example, can be extremely effective in helping you relax and reverse your stress response: just take deep breaths, and let the stress come out when you exhale(呼气).
A. Learn to both read between lines and skim.
B. Ensure that you sleep and eat well before a test.
C. Relax your body and mind and imagine the day of the results.
D. There are some stress relief techniques that can help to calm you down.
E. There are other things that you can do to help ensure you get good grades.
F. Every time you sit down to study, give yourself five minutes to calm your mind.
G. Depending on what you want to study, and how much you have to cover, plan your time.

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    One evening I was going back from a supermarket. As I    1    my car, I noticed that some person stood beside me. He was the one that could be    2    as a bum (流浪汉). It seemed that he was homeless. I    3    that he would ask me for money, but he did not do that. He only said, “ Your car is very nice.”
    After several moments of    4    , I replied, “ Thanks.” And then the inner voice    5    to me, “Ask him if he needs help.” After a short    6    I asked him that. His response was    7    . I will never forget those simple three words “ Don’t we all? ”
    It was a true    8    to me. I need help, just as those    9    . I had money and a place to sleep, but I    10    needed help. Then I opened my wallet and offered him enough money to get some shelter for a day. 
      11    I understood that no matter how much money,    12    , luxury things we have, we all need help. And on the other hand, no matter how poor you are, how many    13    problems you have, you still might be giving.    14    it’s just a nice word, it can be    15    to other people.
    Maybe that man was just a homeless stranger, but to me he was    16    that. Maybe he was a man sent to    17    me that there is one thing, among all    18    , which is very important and cannot be    19    for every person. Actually, it is a true    20    and it’s called Giving.
1.A.left    B.locked    C.approached    D.parked
2.A.turn down    B.referred to    C.left behind    D.kept off
3.A.expected    B.understood    C.admitted    D.recognized
4.A.contact    B.absence    C.conversation    D.silence
5.A.responded    B.reacted    C.appealed    D.whispered
6.A.hesitation    B.distance    C.drive    D.break
7.A.casual    B.cautious    C.astonishing    D.ambiguous
8.A.defeat    B.exploration    C.discovery    D.challenge
9.A.in reality    B.in trouble    C.in danger    D.in action
10.A.still    B.even    C.only    D.already
11.A.Previously    B.Obviously    C.Generally    D.Suddenly
12.A.achievements    B.talents    C.potentials    D.budgets
13.A.medical    B.material    C.absurd    D.theoretical
14.A.If only    B.Now that    C.Even though    D.In case
15.A.priceless    B.harmless    C.blameless    D.useless
16.A.other than    B.more than    C.rather than    D.less than
17.A.warn    B.promise    C.remind    D.assure
18.A.efforts    B.memories    C.factors    D.values
19.A.substituted    B.assigned    C.contradicted    D.betrayed
20.A.inspiration    B.gift    C.faith    D.guidance

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    One day, about ten years ago, while working at the cash register in the gift shop at my University Museum of Natural History, I saw elderly couple come in with a little girl in a wheelchair. As I looked ②( close ) at this girl, I found that she was fixed on her chair. I then realized she had no arms or legs, just a head, a neck and upper body, ③( dress ) in a little white skirt. As the couple wheeled her up to me, I turned my head toward the girl. When I took the money from her grandparents, I looked back ④the girl, who was giving me the most optimistic, largest smile I had ever seen. All of a sudden, her handicap was gone and all I saw was this beautiful girl, ⑤smile just melted me ⑥almost instantly gave me a completely new sense of ⑦life is all about. She took me from a poor, unhappy college student and ⑧( bring ) me into her world; a world of smiles, love and ⑨( warm ). I’m a successful business man now and whenever I think about the troubles of the world, I think about that little girl and the remarkable lesson about life that she taught ⑩.

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    Smart phones had become part of our daily life. No matter who we are, we can see people busy play with their smart phones. Smart phones benefit them. They help us escape the pressure of life and get informations. However, if we spend too much time on them, we won’t have time to contact face to face our friends or family. And our life, study and work will hurt. In my view, we should limit to our using smart phones except for a purpose of learning. Meanwhile, it’s absolute necessary for us to take part in more outdoors activities.

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1. 特色(如词汇量,用法,例句等方面);
2. 使用心得.
1. 词数100左右;
2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。
    Hello, everyone!
    Thank you for listening.



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